We offer several extremely popular training options.

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Public Healthcare Modeling Course

Public training courses on TreeAge Pro Healthcare are offered several times a year in the US and Europe, and in the Asia-Pacific region.

The two-day Healthcare Modeling Course is a comprehensive introduction to health economic modeling using TreeAge Pro. We introduce the required elements of theory, then provide hands-on instruction for creating and analyzing models. Day 1 focuses on basic decision trees, cost-effectiveness analysis, and deterministic & probabilistic sensitivity analysis. Day 2 introduces Markov models, then those models are analyzed using all the techniques used in Day 1. The course finishes with individual patient simulation models, allowing for both heterogeneity and event tracking in Markov models.

No advanced knowledge of TreeAge Pro is required. Even experienced TreeAge Pro modelers can learn about additional software features and modeling techniques.

Many attendees choose to attend the Advanced Markov/DES Course which is usually presented the following day. The Advanced Markov/DES Course course focuses on the application of advanced techniques to various modelling challenges.

Course Agenda (PDF)

Course Agenda (audio, slightly out of date)

Click here for the current Public Healthcare Modeling Course schedule.    Click here for the cancellation policy.

Public Advanced Modeling Course

This one-day course extends training into advanced modeling techniques and tools.

We start by building a complex Markov simulation model with mutli-dimensional calculations driving the probability of events. Those events then lead to long-term changes in costs and utilities, mimicking the impact of events on real patients.

The next section focuses on Discrete Event Simulation (DES) models, where Markov transition probabilities are replaced by time-to-event distribution sampling. We start with simple examples with fixed risk, then extend it with more complex time-to-event calculations.

In the next two sections, we use built-in reporting and debugging tools that help you understand, validate and debug your models.

We then introduce more complicated models. First, we work with dynamic cohort models that focus on population dynamics and budget impact. Then we move to parallel trial models where there is interaction among the individual patients within the cohort.

The course finishes with bootstrapping to use real patient data to assign personal characteristics to our model’s simulated patients. We then segregate the output using those characteristics to look for subgroups that might benefit from a different treatment strategy.

Course Agenda

Note that experience with TreeAge Pro is required as a prerequisite for the course. You should be comfortable with all topics covered in the Two-Day Healthcare Modeling course.

Click here for the current Public Healthcare Modeling Course schedule.    Click here for the cancellation policy.

Online Legal Modeling Course

In just one hour, you can gain proficiency in building and analyzing TreeAge Pro models to assess litigation risk.

The agenda for this one-hour online course is presented below.

  • Why use TreeAge Pro for legal analysis?
  • Recommended steps for creating a Legal TreeAge Pro model
  • Case study – liability/damages lawsuit
  • Organizing the legal issues
  • Building the model to represent the case
  • Analyzing the model to help clients choose a legal strategy

Private Training

If you have a small, medium or large group that would  benefit from onsite TreeAge Pro training, we can come to you. An experienced trainer will come to your facility to train your staff.

We can deliver the same agenda as the 2-day course, the advanced course, or, we can create custom materials specific to a current project.

Online Training

We provide online training via our GoToMeeting subscription, which allows for screen sharing and audio to support the session. The cost varies based on the subject matter and the number of attendees. Online training is scheduled in 1-2 hour sessions based on customer and trainer availability.   Payment for online training is non-refundable, however we will make every effort to accommodate changes to a scheduled meeting.   Unused funds can be applied to TreeAge Licensing.

Licenses that include Training

TreeAge Software offers licenses that include formal live training.   These software licenses are only available to clients that can attend particular predetermined training offers (Public Trainings).    Please email us for pricing and details.