This section of the website will highlight articles that reference TreeAge Pro.

    1. Markov vs. DES Results Bias – by TreeAge Software and the University of Sheffield
    2. TreeAge Pro 2014 Performance Benchmarks – by TreeAge Software
    3. Guide for Reviewing TreeAge Pro Models – by TreeAge Software
    4. Guide for Patient-Level Simulation Models – by NICE
    5. TreeAge Pro Quick Reference Guide – by TreeAge Software
    6. TreeAge Pro Statistical Distribution Tests – by Dept. of Math. & Stat. Williams College and TreeAge Software
    7. TreeAge Pro – STATA – SAS and R Parametrizations – by Treeage Software and Dept. of Math. & Stat. Williams College
    8. Model Calibration using Scientific Python – by TreeAge Software
    9. PartSA conversion to Markov and Calibration – TreeAge Software