Visual Modeling Tool

With the visual Tree Diagram Editor, you can easily create model structure to mirror disease progression, treatment options, adverse events, etc. TreeAge Pro then uses the visual structure to automatically generate the algorithms required to calculate the expected value of each treatment strategy.

Comparing Strategies

TreeAge Pro identifies the optimal strategies from any number of alternatives. The same model can compare strategies based on cost-effectiveness, comparative effectiveness, cost or any other relevant metric. Generate cost-effectiveness graphs, calculate the incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICER) among strategies.

Markov/State Transition Models

Generate standard and non-standard Markov models to follow disease progression into the future. Associate costs and utilities with health states and/or events within the model. Expand traditional Markov models with time-dependent probabilities, heterogeneity and event tracking.

Heterogeneity and Event Tracking

Run individual trials through the model, allowing you to assign individual patient characteristics and track events. Probabilities and values can then be dependent on the characteristics and events.

Sensitivity Analysis

Study the effects of uncertainty on your results and conclusions. Deterministic sensitivity analysis identifies thresholds for individual parameters. Probabilistic sensitivity analysis measures overall uncertainty related to the combined uncertainty of multiple parameters.

Discrete Event Simulation

Discard the time-slice requirement by incorporating time-to-event into your Markov model.