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TreeAge Pro makes it quick and easy to build models.

Use assistants to guide you through building your first models.

(demo, model image)

TreeAge Pro’s built-in tools help you easily analyze and validate models
 List Out/Reference to modeling frameworks:
• Cohort Analysis for the same Markov Model shown above
• Cost-Effectiveness/Rankings/Graph
• Tornado diagram
• TreeAge Pro facilitates your modeling journey as your needs evolve (Link to Robust Healthcare Modelling Framework Page)
• Abstract Video: This would be good for a future phase.
• Watch this video to learn more about how TreeAge Pro’s platform makes it easy to build and analyze decision analysis models
 TreeAge Pro Video: Quick run-through of pre-built Markov model (New video TBR)
• Highlight patient pathways
• Show values directly in model
• Click of a button can generate a cohort analysis report, CE rankings report and CEA graph