TreeAge Software Public 2-Day Training

Public Healthcare Modeling Course

Public training courses on TreeAge Pro Healthcare are offered several times a year in the US and Europe, and in the Asia-Pacific region.

The two-day Healthcare Modeling Course is a comprehensive introduction to health economic modeling using TreeAge Pro. We introduce the required elements of theory, then provide hands-on instruction for creating and analyzing models. Day 1 focuses on basic decision trees, cost-effectiveness analysis, and deterministic & probabilistic sensitivity analysis. Day 2 introduces Markov models, then those models are analyzed using all the techniques used in Day 1. The course finishes with individual patient simulation models, allowing for both heterogeneity and event tracking in Markov models.

No advanced knowledge of TreeAge Pro is required. Even experienced TreeAge Pro modelers can learn about additional software features and modeling techniques.

Many attendees choose to attend the Advanced Markov/DES Course which is usually presented the following day. The Advanced Markov/DES Course course focuses on the application of advanced techniques to various modelling challenges.

Course Agenda (PDF)

Note that TreeAge Pro supports Partitioned Survival Analysis Models starting in July, 2019. While this is not yet in the agenda and slides, we will introduce this model type during the course.

Course Preview Video

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