34. Model Sharing and TPWeb

This section explains how to share your models over the web via TPWeb.treeage.com. Reviewers of the model do not need TreeAge Pro desktop to review your mode, edit model inputs and run analyses.

TPWeb will allow users to share and review models, specifically with the following features:

  • Modellers can:

    • Share a model's, with editable inputs and analyses.

    • Upload a model to TPWeb.treeage.com.

    • Share models with Reviewers.

  • Reviewers can:

    • Examine the model structure.

    • Edit the shared model inputs.

    • Run the shared analyses.

Currently you can share models types with the following features:

Model types supported (January 2024) Analyses supported (January 2024)

Decision trees

Cost-effectiveness analysis

Markov models


Model size <= 2MB

Markov cohort analysis

Up to 20 models

Tornado diagrams
  Up to 1.2 GB memory
  Up to 1.5 minutes analysis time
  Up to 15 saved analyses

New functionality is being added all the time to this feature, so reach out to us via support@treeage.com if there is a feature you need.

Help for TPWeb is available at www.treeage.com/tphelp-web.

License Requirements for accessing the Web Sharing features in TreeAge Pro:

  • Academic, Non-profit, and commercial licenses

  • Active Annual licenses and Standard licenses with current Maintenance