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Latest Updates

TreeAge Pro 2023, R2 is now available! This release is highlighted by a new Hazard Functionality, Sensitivity Analysis on Tables and redesigned Help Documentation.

  • Sensitivity Analysis on Tables

    • Expand table data to three value columns (low, base case, high) to support sensitivity analysis. This can help you apply sensitivity analysis to time-depending values in your model.

  • Modeling with Hazards

  • Export Survival to a Table

    • Export survival data from Markov Cohort Analysis Output to a survival table. You can then convert it to hazards to assess/validate risk in your model.

  • Distribution Minimum PartSA Time

    • Provide a minimum time in PartSA models for survival-based distributions that are undefined at _time 0.

  • Available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract and to annual license holders that have a valid license. Some features are not available on all license types and may require an active Support Contract for perpetual license holders.