Compare TreeAge Pro with Excel and R

No Coding Required with TreeAge Pro’s Visual Editor and Built-In Analyses

TreeAge Pro allows you to build models faster and generate analysis results. You won’t need to create thousands of calculations or write any programming code.

TreeAge Pro Healthcare Capabilities
Product Attribute Advantages of TreeAge Pro How Excel Compares How R Compares
Start Fast with Visual Design
  • Visual editor to map patient pathways
  • Short learning curve
  • Requires building complex formulas for even basic model structure
  • Requires coding for all models
Built-in Analyses and Reports
  • Built-in calculations
  • No coding required
  • Must build all model calculations with manual formulas
  • Requires coding for all analyses and reports
  • Common visual framework for simple and complex models
  • Model complexity requires additional complex model calculations
  • Modeler required to find and piece together various packages and custom code for all model types
  • Comprehensive reporting and visualization capabilities to examine and validate model calculations
  • Thousands of individual cell calculations must be reviewed for validation
  • All model calculations must be validated and debugged in the programming code
  • Models accepted by HTA
  • Models accepted by HTA
  • Limited acceptance by HTA
Commercial Support
  • Excellent support team is there to help
  • Not designed/supported as a modelling tool; no formal support
  • No support
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