Free TreeAge Pro Healthcare Training

Learn how you can quickly and easily build models in TreeAge Pro to study healthcare decisions.

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Free Healthcare Modeling Training

This 45-minute free session is an introduction to help you get started building healthcare models. More comprehensive hands-on instruction is available in our full training sessions.

This session covers the following modeling needs.

  • Create strategies and patient pathways to represent a healthcare problem and treatment options.
  • Add numeric model inputs to drive model calculations.
  • Build Markov models to follow disease progression over time.
  • Compare treatment or diagnosis strategies via Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (ICER, WTP, NMB).
  • Build models from survival data via Partitioned Survival Analysis.
  • Study input uncertainty via Sensitivity Analysis as is expected for all modeling projects.
  • Additional topics covered briefly:
    • Sharing models on the web.
    • Patient-level simulation to facilitate patient characteristics and patient history.
    • Convert survival curves to hazard functions representing the risk of health events over time.
    • Export Markov models to Excel.
    • Calibration to refine model inputs.
    • Discrete Event Simulation.

Please contact with any questions about this session or our other training options.

Click here to download the training session example models.

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