Litigation Risk Analysis with TreeAge Pro

Attorneys use TreeAge Pro Business to guide legal strategy and assess litigation risk

TreeAge Pro Business for Non-Legal Business Professionals

Model Your Case

Create a decision tree model to represent a case, including alternative legal strategies and key pre-trial and trial considerations. Review the model with clients to help them understand potential outcomes.

Assess Quantitatively

Enter probabilities and damage estimates, then solve the decision tree model to compare the “expected values” of your legal strategies as well as their sensitivities to your underlying assessments.

Build the decision tree model

  • Represent the legal strategies and the issues the judge/jury will decide.
  • Estimate probabilities and damages.

Compare legal strategies

  • TreeAge Pro will calculate the expected value of each strategy based on all the possible outcomes and their likelihoods of occurring.
  • Choose your strategy with the best expected value.

Assess Risk

  • Display the full range of possible outcomes, along with their respective chances of occurring, to allow the client to adjust strategy based on the level of risk posed.

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