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Attorneys Model Civil Cases in TreeAge Pro to
Guide Legal Strategy and Assess Litigation Risk

Lawyers assess their cases with the following steps…

  1. Identify the key legal issues in the case.
  2. Add issues to the model in the order they will be decided in court.
  3. Estimate the probability of each issue being decided in your favor.
  4. Estimate the financial consequences of each legal pathway.
  5. Use built-in analysis tools to calculate the value of the case under uncertain conditions.
  6. Assess the overall consequences and likelihood of good and bad case outcomes to assess risk.
Benefits of Modeling a Legal Case in TreeAge Pro
How to Build a Legal Model
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Build & Analyze a Legal Model

Legal Modeling Overview

Model Your Case

Create a decision tree to model decisions and uncertainties in your case.
Visually map out key issues as they would be heard in court.
Review the model with clients to help them understand potential outcomes.

Build the Decision Tree Model

  • Add legal strategies – litigation strategies, settlement.
  • Add issues to be decided by judge or jury.
  • Enter probabilities for decisions.
  • Enter economic consequences for each case pathway.
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Examine the Case Quantitatively

Calculate the Expected Value of the case as the weighted average of all case outcomes.
This represents the value of the case, while there remains uncertainty related to how the case will be decided in court.

Calculate the Model

  • Click a single button to calculate the Expected Value of each strategy.
  • Expected Value calculations include each case pathway’s value is weighed based on the pathway’s likelihood.
  • Choose a strategy by comparing the Expected Values of every option.

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Assess Client Risk

Review the full range of potential outcomes and their likelihood.
This allows the client to understand risks of negative and possibly catastrophic outcomes.

Examine Outcome/Award Ranges

  • Click a button to graphically present the full range of possible outcomes and their likelihood.
  • A client might choose settlement over litigation when presented with these risks.

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