Decision Trees

Build models to study simple and complex problems to choose the best possible outcome. Our visual editor makes it easy to build and present models. Use TreeAge Pro for any decision, including in the industries of healthcare, oil/gas exploration, business and finance.

Advanced Modeling Features

Use sophisticated modeling techniques for complex decisions. TreeAge Pro supports Markov models, patient-level simulation (Microsimulation) models and time-to-event (DES) models using a consistent set of modeling and analysis tools.

Analysis Tools

Apply sophisticated analysis and reporting tools to your model, including decision analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation and more.

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TreeAge Pro 2018, R2 Release

July 2, 2018

The TreeAge Pro 2018, R2 release is highlighted by improvements to sensitivity analysis tools including tornado diagrams. Tornado Diagram Options Cost-effectiveness models now support additional outputs including Incremental Net Monetary Benefits , Incremental Cost and Incremental Effectiveness (INMB, IC and IE) tornado diagrams. Models with a single primary payoff now support the additional output Incremental […]

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TreeAge Pro 2018, R1 Release

January 15, 2018

The TreeAge Pro 2018, R1 release is highlighted by new features to support more complex models including support for population-level modeling with a changing cohort size and interaction among individuals in a patient simulation model. Dynamic Cohort Study population dynamics with a modeler-specified cohort size reflecting prevalence and additions to the cohort reflecting incidence using […]

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