Markov Models

Build Markov models quickly and easily within TreeAge Pro’s visual modeling framework

Add health states and events

Create patient pathways to represent disease progression over time.

Markov Structure

Enter event probabilities

Event probabilities control patient flows within the model.

Enter costs and utilities

Add cost and/or utility at any state or event node.

Let TreeAge Pro take care of the calculations

Your states, events, costs, utilities and probabilities are seamlessly integrated into model calculations.

Markov Cohort Reports provide cycle-by-cycle details on cohort flow and cost/utility accumulation.

Markov Cohort Report

Helpful Markov Modeling Tutorials

Integrate with TreeAge Pro analysis tools

Use your Markov models in conjunction with additional tools, including…

  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
  • Tornado Diagrams
  • Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis (PSA)
  • Patient Simulation