Markov to Excel Conversion

Convert your Markov model to a stand-alone Excel model with a single mouse click

Conversion allows you to…

  • Build a model quickly and efficiently in TreeAge Pro, then share the model with someone who prefers the Excel format.
  • Incorporate revisions into the TreeAge Pro model, then re-export it to Excel.
  • Validate TreeAge Pro calculations by reviewing the formulas in the exported Excel model.

Exported Excel models include:

  • Editable model inputs to test different data scenarios.
  • Full Markov Cohort trace for every health state and event in every cycle for complete transparency.
  • Comparison of strategies via cost-effectiveness analysis.

Supported by Conversion

  • Markov models (1 per strategy)
  • Editable inputs
  • Complex numeric expressions
  • Nested variable definitions
  • Markov Cohort Analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis rankings
  • Tunnel states
  • Within-cycle correction
  • Cloned subtrees

Not Supported

  • Other model structures
  • Distribution sampling
  • Bilinks
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Microsimulation

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