What’s New in TreeAge Pro

New features are introduced every January and July.

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New Sensitivity and Tornado Dashboards

July 2022

New 1-way sensitivity analysis and tornado dashboards help you immediately understand the impact of uncertainty on your model.

Enhanced tornado diagrams with additional easy-to-use options for customizing charts.

Simultaneously update decision tree payoffs at multiple nodes.

Combined Markov for Strategy

January 2022

Redesigned simulation output to provide improved visibility into the results.

Create consolidated Markov Cohort reports and graphs for a strategy that splits into multiple Markov nodes.

Combine Markov state proportion graphs and survival curves from multiple strategies and/or models.

Price Threshold Analysis

July 2021

Identify the maximum price where the associated treatment would be considered cost-effective. Find price thresholds for multiple WTP values and multiple model scenarios.

Budget Impact Tool

January 2021

Export TreeAge Pro model cost outputs by time period to Excel. Then create a Budget Impact Analysis workbook using the output cost data.

Create new model inputs for budget impact costs or for time-in-state.

Decision Tree Enhanced Tools

July 2020

Enter payoff values at the any nodes along your model pathways.
Review values accumulated along event pathways with new reporting.

January 2020

Calibration iteratively adjusts model input values to match target results based on observed clinical data.

July 2019

Build PartSA models that track state membership based on survival curves derived from parametric distributions or from Kaplan-Meier curves. Use PartSA models within the familiar TreeAge Pro modeling framework to take advantage of built-in tools for cost-effectiveness analysis, sensitivity analysis, probabilistic sensitivity analysis, etc.

Export Scenario Results to Excel

January 2019

Export results from any model with different combinations of model inputs.

Share with colleagues in a familiar Excel format.

Print/Export Model Wizard

July 2018

Generate high-quality model image files.

Control the display by splitting the model into multiple images and hiding numeric values.

Dynamic Cohort Size

January 2018

Study population dynamics by specifying an initial cohort size and add people to the cohort over time.

Generate reports for the full cohort size for budget analysis.

Patient Interaction

January 2018

Incorporate interaction among patients into your simulation models.

Add global variables to control the environment for all patients to handle resource allocation and queues.

Patient Tracking Reports

July 2017

Track patients in your simulation to see every step they take in the model.

Aggregated reports show patient flow with time in the familiar Markov Cohort report format.

January, 2017

Convert a TreeAge Pro Markov cohort model to a stand-alone Excel model with a single mouse click.