Visualize Survival Estimates

Compare estimates for survival from distributions and Kaplan-Meier tables with TreeAge Pro’s Survival Plot

It can be difficult to accurately model survival over time. The Survival Plot allows you to compare different survival estimates to determine which is most accurate and appropriate for your model.

For example, you may have Kaplan-Meier data for overall survival under treatment for a few years. Regression analysis using SASS, Stata and/or R can fit distributions to the data to both smooth it out and extrapolate into the future. You can also use TreeAge Pro’s Survival Converter and Hazard Editor to derive a hazard function from the Kaplan-Meier data. However, it is not always clear which option represents the best fit for existing data and forecasts appropriately into the future.

With the Survival Plot View, you can examine the survival estimates graphically to determine which is the most sensible representation of survival and health risk. You can also visualize these assumptions as hazards, which provides additional insight on health risk over time.

Plot different estimates of survival to determine which is most accurate and appropriate for your model.

View the survival estimates as hazard profiles to see how risk changes over time.

No model structure is necessary. You just need to…

  1. Add the survival estimates to the model from among these options.
    1. Kaplan-Meier data
    2. Fitted distributions.
    3. Hazard tables.
    4. Custom formulas.
  2. Add the series into the Survival Plot.
  3. Review the Survival and Hazard graphs.