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TreeAge Pro is a flexible modeling tool that can be used to study complex decisions in nearly any context.

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TreeAge Pro Healthcare

Learn About Healthcare Modeling

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    • Health Economists
    • Physicians
    • Pharmaceutical Analysts
    • Medical Device Analysts

TreeAge Pro Business/Law

Learn About Legal Modeling

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    • Attorneys
    • Business Analysts
    • Oil/Gas Engineers
    • Game Theory
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TreeAge Pro Healthcare

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TreeAge Pro Business

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Start Fast, Quickly Advance
Model Building Assistants
Example Models
Model Setup Wizard
Visual Design, No Coding Knowledge Required
Build Pathways in a Visual Model Editor
Add Model Inputs Directly Into Pathways; No Coding Required
Model Types
Decision Trees
Markov Models
State Transition Diagrams
Partitioned Survival Analysis
Patient Simulation (Microsimulation)
Discrete Event Simulation
Built-In Analyses and Reporting
Decision Analysis
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Detailed Markov Cohort Reporting to track patient flows
Tunnels to track Time-in-State
Sensitivity Analysis (1-way, 2-way, Tornado)
Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis (Acceptability Curve, ICE Scatterplot, etc.)
Budget Impact Analysis
Detailed Markov Trace Report
Patient Tracking Reports for Simulations
Model Dashboard  ✔
Console to Review Model Calculations  ✔
Model Search Tool  ✔
Markov To Excel Conversion
Scenario Export to Excel
Export to Player Model
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