Healthcare Modeling

Use TreeAge Pro software to meet your health economic and clinical decision-making needs.

Pharmaceutical Companies and Consultancy

Healthcare Decision-Makers
HTA, Payers, Clinicians, and NFP Organizations

Build models quickly with TreeAge Pro
with no coding required

  • Add your strategies
  • Build patient pathways visually
  • Enter and reference inputs
  • Analyses with a single click

Easy to use modeling tools

Guides, assistants and online tutorials help you get started.

Built-in analysis tools provide everything you need for your research projects.

Rely on us for training and support.

  • Markov Structure

TreeAge Pro grows with you

TreeAge Pro provides advanced healthcare modeling tools for our complex health economic research projects.

  • Markov
  • Patient Simulation
  • Partitioned Survival
  • Calibration
  • And more
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Transparency & Validation

TreeAge Pro supports full model transparency.

  • Full cohort trace for Markov, DES and decision tree models.
  • Sensitivity analysis tools to study uncertainty.
  • Console to review any or all internal calculations.
  • Markov Cohort Report

Have You Received a TreeAge Pro Model and Need to Review It?

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