Healthcare Modeling

Use TreeAge Pro software to meet your health economic and clinical decision-making needs.

Pharmaceutical Companies and Consultancy

Healthcare Decision-Makers
HTA, Payers, Clinicians, and NFP Organizations

Build healthcare models by mapping out strategies and patient pathways

Create patient pathways visually, then add your inputs. No coding required.

Run healthcare and sensitivity analyses with a single click.

Flexible framework supports several model types

  • Decision Trees
  • Markov Models
  • Patient Simulation
  • Partitioned Survival Analysis
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • CEA Graph

Analyze with One-Click Analysis Tools

Transparency & Validation

TreeAge Pro supports full model transparency.

  • Full cohort trace for Markov, DES and decision tree models.
  • Sensitivity analysis tools to study uncertainty.
  • Console to review any or all internal calculations.
  • Markov Cohort Report

Have You Received a TreeAge Pro Model and Need to Review It?

Visit Transparency and Validation Page
Download Your Model Review Checklist