Hazard Functions – coming July 2023

TreeAge Pro Provides Flexibility to Adjust Hazard Functions in Your Models

  • Hazards are a fundamental representation of health event risk (i.e., progression, death).
  • A Hazard Function represents changing Hazard Rates over time.
  • Hazard Functions can be used to derive Markov event probabilities, Partitioned Survival Curves and Discrete Time-to-Event Distributions.
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Hazard Function Editor

  • TreeAge Pro’s Hazard Function Editor allows you to edit Hazard Rates in a table to adjust the Hazard Function.
  • The Hazard Function is then transformed into a Survival Curve to see how changes to the hazard rates affects long-term survival.

Hazard Function Webinar

Please email support@treeage.com to request access to a beta installer including the Hazard Editor and related functionality.