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TreeAge Pro 2022 Preview

Review the recent webinar to preview the following new features included in TreeAge Pro 2022 (January release).

  • Strategy-level Markov Cohort Reporting: Generate a single Markov Cohort Report for a strategy with multiple Markov nodes.
  • Improved Simulation Output: For Patient Level and Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis.
  • Combine Graphical Output: Combine survival curve graphs to compare treatment strategies.

Price Threshold Analysis  webinar Рwatch it again

  • Find the maximum price where a treatment would be considered cost-effective.
  • Run the analysis across different scenarios to represent different real world settings.
  • Let us show you the examples to find price or price discount thresholds.

Past Webinars

Create an Excel Front-end for Your TreeAge Pro Model

  • Connect TreeAge Pro model inputs to Excel input cells.
  • Connect TreeAge Pro model outputs to Excel output cells.
  • Create a button to run analyses from Excel.

Modelling Secondary Decisions

  • Learn how to integrate secondary decisions into your model.
  • Generate separate results for each of the secondary strategies.
  • Webinar Attendee said: “Perfect for Evaluators when presented with models with secondary decision nodes!”.

Click here to download the example models.

Budget Impact Analysis

  • Export costs from a CE Markov model
  • Capture Model Outputs over various time periods
  • TreeAge output becomes source data for BIA model

2021 New Features

Get an overview of the new features including: Budget Impact Analysis, Build Model Outputs/Payoffs Wizard, running TreeAge analyses from Excel, new graphs, model comments and the comparison tool.

Enter Values along Decision Tree pathways

Enter upstream payoffs at any node that accumulate to the end of the pathway.
Examine values accumulated across pathways with new decision tree reporting.

Infectious Disease models

Review an SIR model in TreeAge Pro to demonstrate useful features for Infectious Disease models.
Use model data dynamically to drive the Probability of Infection.
Click here to download the example TreeAge Pro models used.

Partitioned Survival Analysis

Map state membership directly to survival data.
PartSA models are frequently in Oncology models.

Model Calibration

Refine your model inputs to better match observed data and improve your model’s accuracy.

Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis

Study the impact of parameter uncertainty to assess overall confidence in your conclusions.

Using Patient History in Your Model

Expand your modeling power by recording patient events and adding the impact of those events.

Review Healthcare Models

Learn quick ways to examine the details behind a model built by another person.

Sharing TreeAge Pro models

Export results from many different model scenarios for easy distribution to colleagues.

Patient Simulation Made Easy

Easily integrate patient events and characteristics into your TreeAge Pro model then run patient simulation.

Discrete Event Simulation

Build a model where patients move among events based on sampling from time-to-event distributions.