TreeAge Pro Licensing

Review your licensing options below.

All Software Sales are Final.  Refunds will not be provided, which is agreed to, when purchasing TreeAge Pro Software Licenses.

All licenses are Single-User Licenses with the exception of Group Licenses and Network Licenses.
Every person requires his/her own license to access TreeAge Pro software.

Licensing FAQ
System Requirements
License Agreement

Single-user licenses must be registered under the name of the sole individual who will use the license. Any use by individuals other than the registered user is illegal prohibited use, including sharing on the same computer and temporary transfers.

Please click here to open the Licensing FAQ page with answers to common licensing questions.

Licenses are either Annual or Standard/Perpetual.

Annual License

  • Expires one year after purchase date.
  • Renewal cost is the then current price for an Annual License.
  • Includes Product Updates, Technical / Software Support and Bonus features while the License is active.

Standard License (Perpetual)

  • Does not expire.
  • Includes a one year Maintenance Agreement that starts from the date of purchase, which can be renewed at a fraction of the license price.
  • Includes Product Updates, Technical Support and BETA features while the Maintenance Agreement is active.
    Benefits of Maintenance are described in the next toggle section.

Maintenance Agreement

Active Maintenance entitles you to the following benefits:

  • New Features – get access to the latest features in new software releases.
  • Software Support – get help with modeling and analysis techniques.
  • Technical Support – get help with software installation and license authorization.
  • Product Updates – access the latest version of your software as soon as it is released for no additional cost.
  • Access to certain Bonus Features, including Partitioned Survival Analysis, Discrete Event Simulation, State Transition Diagrams, etc.

If your Maintenance Agreement expires, your license and software are no longer supported. No assistance with software installation, authorization, transfer or modeling will be provided for licenses with expired Maintenance. Should your computer fail, we will be unable to help you. Please click here to open the Licensing FAQ page with answers to common licensing questions.

Maintenance is a continuous program. Renewing your Maintenance will extend the expiration date by one year from the prior expiration date. If your Maintenance agreement expired 1.5 years ago, you need to purchase at least 2 years of Maintenance to activate your Maintenance Agreement.

It’s important to note that Maintenance is renewed at the then current price. Catching up after delaying a renewal may result in a greater total cost.

Click here for more details.

Group License

If your team needs access to TreeAge Pro, perhaps a Group License would best meet your needs. Purchase a seat for each person on your team at a discounted price.

Network License

This is similar to a Group License, except that licensing is handled centrally through a network license manager. This license mechanism supports concurrent usage, so the individuals within the group can change.

Contact us to discuss whether a Group or Network License is right for you.

Discounted Student Licenses are available for individuals who meet eligibility requirements.

Student licenses cannot be accessed by anyone that has an existing MD / PhD or Doctorate of any kind.

Purchasing or accessing a student license out of compliance will result in the forfeiture of the license.

Student licenses are fixed for the duration of the license and cannot be transferred to other users or shared.

In addition to the licensing described below, student licenses do have limited capabilities as compared to full licenses.  Student licenses do not have Markov to Excel / Export to Excel functionality.  Students licensing does not include access to TreeAge on the Web.

Student Course Licenses

Student Course Licenses can only be used for classwork and homework as required for an undergraduate or graduate course. You must be enrolled in a formal university public course that requires TreeAge Software to complete textbook exercises. You must provide information related to your course, professor and academic institution upon purchase.

This license cannot be used for dissertation, thesis, publishing, instruction or for ongoing student research. Instructors, professors, teaching assistants will require an academic version of TreeAge Software. Student researchers require a Student Research License.

These licenses run for 6 months and nodes are automatically limited to textbook / coursework sized models. Software Support is not included with the license; professors and teaching assistants are responsible for helping students with the software.

Student Research Licenses

Student Research Licenses run for 1 year and can only be used by full-time students in pursuit of their first MD / PhD / J.D, or Doctorate of any kind. The research must be a requirement of your degree program. Internships do not qualify.

This license cannot be used for any commercial, non-profit, government or academic use, nor can a Student Research License be purchased by anyone with a NFP, Government, or Commercial affiliation.

Professors / faculty, internships, fellowships, research assistants, staff members or anyone with either a PhD, MD, Bachelor of Medicine, or Doctorate from any organization will require an Academic License.

Purchasing or accessing a student license without meeting the eligibility will result in a forfeiture of the license.  Refunds will not be made available.  Contact if there are any doubts prior to purchasing a student license of TreeAge Pro.

Please click here to open the Licensing FAQ page with answers to common licensing questions.

Academic, Government and Non-Profit licenses can only be used for public research. These licenses cannot be used for commercially funded projects of any kind. If you have a commercial affiliation, as well as an academic position, a commercial license will be required.

Academic Licenses require that the purchasing organization is a formal university.

If a member of an academic faculty uses TreeAge Pro for any projects funded by a commercial organization, a commercial license is required. Please contact if you need to change from an Academic License to a Commercial License.

Only the latest version of TreeAge Pro is supported.

Older software is not tested with changes to Mac or Windows operating systems. Please be careful about updating your computer’s operating system if you are running an older version of TreeAge Pro.