TreeAge Pro Maintenance Program

Standard Licenses include 12 months of Maintenance from date of purchase.

Keep up to date with your Maintenance contract for modeling and operational support, including software installation, upgrades, beta features, and extended capabilities.

Active Maintenance entitles you to the following benefits:

  • New Features – get access to the latest features in new software releases.
  • Software Support – get help with modeling and analysis techniques.
  • Technical Support – get help with software installation and license authorization.
  • Product Updates – access the latest version of your software as soon as it is released for no additional cost.
  • Access to Beta and Bonus Features – includes Partitioned Survival Analysis, Discrete Event Simulation, State Transition Diagrams, etc.
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Why is this important?

Keeping up with your Maintenance ensures that your software will be compatible with evolving Apple and Microsoft operating systems. In addition, your models and outputs will remain compatible with your peers.

If your Maintenance Agreement expires, your license and software are no longer supported. No assistance with software installation, authorization, transfer or modeling will be provided for licenses with expired Maintenance. Should your computer fail, we will be unable to help you. Please click here to open the Licensing FAQ page with answers to common licensing questions.

Maintenance is a continuous program. Renewing your Maintenance will extend the expiration date by one year from the prior expiration date. If your Maintenance agreement expired 1.5 years ago, you need to purchase at least 2 years of Maintenance to activate your Maintenance Agreement.

It’s important to note that Maintenance is renewed at the then current price. Catching up after delaying a renewal may result in a greater total cost.

See What’s New in TreeAge Pro

Click here to see new features included in recent TreeAge Pro releases. New versions are released twice per year.

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