Licensing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about TreeAge Pro Licensing

I bought a single user license.  Can I share this license, or install it on a machine that is shared with others?

No.  Single user licenses cannot be shared with others or installed on shared machines.  Every user requires his / her own license to access TreeAge Pro.  Sharing a single user license will be considered out of compliance with our license terms and can result in the permanent loss of your TreeAge Pro License.  Please contact if there are additional users that require access to TreeAge Pro, or if you wish to discuss single user compliance guidelines.

I bought a single user license, but I’m leaving the organization.  Can I transfer my license to another individual?

Yes. So long as this is a permanent change you may transfer your license to another individual.  Contact for instructions on how to permanently transfer your license.  Please note, transferring a license requires that you have access to the license that you are transferring, and may require an active Maintenance Agreement if additional support is required to complete the transfer.

I purchased a license, but I’d like to return the software for a refund.  Can I?

No.  All sales are final once a license has been purchased.  We can work with you to transfer the license to a different person within your organization; however, no refunds will be provided.

My Maintenance expired on my standard license and I need support.  What are my options?

Your Annual Maintenance is like a warranty.  Once your maintenance expires, so do all of the benefits associated with Maintenance.  In addition to upgrades and special beta capabilities, your maintenance contract entitles you to modelling and operational support.  You will need to have an active Maintenance Contract to contact TreeAge Support for any reason.  Please contact if you need assistance with a renewal of your Annual Maintenance.

I’d like to purchase a student license. How do I know if I qualify for student pricing?

Student licenses are made available to verified students that are in pursuit of their first MD / PhD / J.D. If you have any of the aforementioned advanced degrees or a bachelor-level medical degree, you cannot purchase a student license of TreeAge Pro (even for a subsequent degree program). TreeAge Software will verify existing degree statuses with The National Student Clearinghouse, and / or directly with the university indicated at the time of the order.   Verification will be required for uninterrupted use of the software.  If you are affiliated with any commercial, government or non profit organization, you cannot purchase a student license. Note, all sales are final, thus, purchasing a student license without being able to qualify will result in a service interruption until the proper license is purchased. There are no refunds for non compliant purchases.  Please contact to discuss student licensing terms, including the usage compliance associated with student licenses.

I do qualify for a student research license because I am pursuing my first advanced degree.  How is this license different from a full license?

Student research licenses are licensed for research that is required to complete your degree program.  Student research licenses cannot be accessed for paid research positions, or research that is not a requirement of your degree program.  Student research licenses do have some limitations.  In addition to the aforementioned usage restrictions, student research licenses do not include some advanced capabilities which can be accessed on full licenses.  Please contact to discuss any of the above.

I’m a student working as an intern at a commercial organization.  Can I purchase a student license?

No.  Student licenses cannot be utilized for any commercial work, including internship work.  A commercial license will be required in this scenario.

What are student coursework licenses, and who is allowed to access this option?

Student coursework licensed are licensed exclusively for coursework as required by an identifiable formal public course.  TreeAge Software requires a course # and the contact details of the professor instructing the course at the time of purchase.  Only formal participants of the course are allowed to access coursework licenses.  Coursework licenses function for 6 months and have limited capabilities.  Savable nodes are limited to textbook sized exercises. Research and / or publishing rights are not included with this license.  Please contact to discuss any questions that you have about student coursework licenses.

I’m an instructor and / or teaching assistant.  Can I access a coursework license to instruct a course?

No.  Instructors and teaching assistants will need to purchase an academic license as only formal enrolled students may access coursework licenses.  Please contact to discuss your licensing options as a professor or TA.