Teachers and Students

Professors at universities around the world have long used TreeAge Pro to introduce students to modeling.

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  • TreeAge Pro’s straightforward visual modeling approach makes it easy for students to learn health economic concepts without the distractions of complex formulas and coding.

Discounted Student Licenses are available for individuals who meet eligibility requirements.

Student Course Licenses

Student Course Licenses can only be used for classwork and homework as required for an undergraduate or graduate course. You must be enrolled in a formal university public course that requires TreeAge Software to complete textbook exercises.  You must provide information related to your course, professor and academic institution upon purchase.

This license cannot be used for any publishing, instruction or for ongoing student research. Instructors, professors, teaching assistants will require an academic version of TreeAge Software. Student researchers require a Student Research License.

These licenses run for 6 months and nodes are automatically limited to textbook / coursework sized models. Software Support is not included with the license; professors and teaching assistants are responsible for helping students with the software.

Student Research Licenses

Student Research Licenses can only be used by students in pursuit of  their first MD / PhD / J.D, or Doctorate of any kind. The research must be a requirement of your degree program. Internships do not qualify.

This license cannot be used for any commercial, non-profit, government or academic use, nor can a Student Research License be purchased by anyone with a NFP, Government, or Commercial affiliation. Professors / faculty, internships, fellowships, research assistants, staff members or anyone with either a PhD, MD, Bachelor of Medicine, or Doctorate from any organization will require an Academic License.

By purchasing a student license you, your Academic Advisor, and the Academic Institution that you indicate fully agrees to the below, and you accept all compliance penalties for non-compliant purchases.   Use of a student license for any commercial, academic or non-profit research is illegal.  There are no refunds for non-compliant purchases.

Purchases that do not meet the below compliance criteria will forfeit their purchase without a refund & be charged the commercial rate + a $300 processing fee.

TreeAge Software verifies compliance with the organization indicated at the time of the purchase, as well as The National Student Clearinghouse.   Providing inaccurate information will result in the forfeiture of the license, for which you agree to.*

TreeAge Software will contact the faculty member giving the course and/or supervising the research to ensure compliance.  The user, the faculty advisor indicated, and the University are fully responsible for the compliance being met in full.