Transparency and Validation

Download A Viewer License To Review a TreeAge Pro Model

Examine model calculations to validate results

Visual pathways drive calculations

You can rely on the time-tested algorithms in TreeAge Pro to faithfully follow your pathways.

Markov Cohort reports show patient flows

Validate every step in your patient pathways including the accumulation of cost and utility at any node.

Review internal calculations

Turn on debugging options to review calculation details in the console.

Review important model elements at a glance

Use the Model Dashboard to quickly examine critical elements of model configuration, structure and inputs. One-click access to further details on each element.

Validate external models

Use TreeAge Pro to quickly rebuild a model originally built in another platform to validate the original model’s results.

You can then export the TreeAge Pro model to Excel.

Review TreeAge Pro’s Markov calculations in Excel

Export a Markov model to a working Excel model with all the internal cohort analysis details visible in Excel formulas.

Export scenario results to Excel

Distribute results under different scenarios to reviewers and management, so they can quickly and easily test the credibility of results by adjusting inputs.

Did you know TreeAge Pro is a transparent, versatile, and easily adaptable modeling tool that is accepted by HTA authorities globally?  

  • From early clinical or commercial viability modeling to HTA economic model submissions, TreeAge Pro supports your most challenging drug development and reimbursement decisions.
  • Use TreeAge Pro as your modeling engine and export the model to Excel to communicate results in a familiar format.
  • TreeAge Pro models are accepted by many global HTA agencies, including:
    • NICE (UK)
    • PBAC (Australia)
    • PHARMAC (New Zealand)
    • ICER (USA)
    • CHUIKYO (Japan)
    • CENETEC (Mexico)
  • Download a comprehensive Reviewer Checklist.
  • We fully support HTA authorities globally with TreeAge Pro models.  If you need help with reviewing a TreeAge Pro model, please contact Vanessa Mirsky, Director of HTA directly at for assistance.
Download a Model Review Checklist

“There are so few Excel models without errors.  There is a massive learning curve with each Excel model as they are all built differently.  Models with 72 different worksheets take days to unpick.   TreeAge is a much simpler tool to work with. The platform is consistent, so you know where to look to find everything you want to see.”

– Senior Health Economist, HTA agency