Visual Design, No Coding Required

Use TreeAge Pro’s visual platform to build models faster and more accurately

Map out patient events visually

Create patient pathways to represent disease progression by connecting events to create patient pathways.

  • Markov Structure
  • Markov Cohort Report

Calculations follow your visual pathways

TreeAge Pro seamlessly integrates your visual events and pathways into model calculations.

Easily adjust model pathways and assumptions

Nimbly change patient flows and parameters to meet your clients evolving demands over a project’s lifecycle.

Communicate using your pathways

Subject matter experts can easily understand what your model does by examining your visual patient pathways.

“In working with clinicians, some of whom do not typically understand economic models, using TreeAge Pro to show them the patient pathways and the representation of that within an economic model is invaluable.” – Managing Director of a Healthcare Consultancy