Introduction to Healthcare Decision-Making Course

Are you an academic instructor interested in teaching an Introductory course to Healthcare Decision-Making using TreeAge Pro as the backdrop for instruction?

If so, we are excited to be able to finally provide you with materials to support an Introduction to Healthcare Decision-Making course. The course material covers fundamental topics related to health economics and decision-making, using TreeAge Pro as the anchor for teaching those concepts.  The slide set is flexibly designed with 6 modules (including homework assignments) that together complete a course, or separately, can be used to supplement an existing course.

The modules span from an introduction to Decision Trees all the way to Sensitivity Analysis and ends with an introduction to Markov and Discrete Event Simulation:

1. Decision Trees

2. Decision Analysis in Healthcare

3. Building a Healthcare Decision Tree Model

4. Analyzing a Healthcare Decision Tree Model

5. Considering Uncertainty

6. More Advanced Modelling Approaches and When to Apply Them

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