Litigation Risk Training with Marc B. Victor, Esq.

Why Companies Use Decision Tree Analysis to Value Lawsuits …
and How TreeAge Pro Makes It Easy

In every lawsuit, outside counsel gets asked by in-house counsel — and in-house counsel by senior management — “What’s this case worth: what’s the most I should pay (or least I should accept) to settle … and at what point would we be better off going to trial despite the risks?”

This is always one of the toughest questions to answer confidently and convincingly.  This training will illustrate the problem and then show how decision tree analysis, properly applied, provides a solution that both counsel and client can embrace … and teach you the software tools to implement the solution easily.

The course will be taught by Marc B. Victor, Esq., pioneer in the application of decision tree analysis to litigation and founder of Litigation Risk Analysis, Inc. A graduate of Stanford Law and Stanford Business schools, he has taught these techniques to well over 10,000 in-house and outside counsel (and numerous mediators), and consulted with counsel to help evaluate hundreds of cases where millions and often billions were at stake.

Online Sessions
Nov 9 & 10, 2022
12:00-16:00 EST
$1,000 per person

Accredited by the State Bars of TX and CA for 7.5 CLE hours

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Marc will cover the following topics to enable you to evaluate your cases right away.

  1. Introduction to Litigation Risk AnalysisTM
  2. Capturing the Key Uncertainties in Your Case
  3. Quantifying Your Subjective Opinions
  4. Solving for the Value of Your Case
  5. Refining Your Pretrial and Trial Strategy
  6. Creating Verdict Variables and Formulas
  7. Managing Large, Complex Trees

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