TreeAge Pro 2012, R2.1 includes the following new/updated features.

  • Object Interface – enhanced to allow the programming tool to more easily run analyses and access analysis output. Specifically, you can now access secondary reports from analysis output like sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Highlighting – added a highlight toolbar item to the Variable Properties, Tracker Properties, Distributions and Tables Views. The new option highlights the selected model input within the Tree Diagram Editor.
  • Image Exports – improved quality of exported images for both trees and graphs.

In addition, a number of bug fixes were included with this release. The fixes affected these areas of TreeAge Pro.

  • Sensitivity analysis with Microsimulation.
  • Saving/retrieving stored Monte Carlo simulation results
  • Search/replace
  • Distributed simulation
  • Probability distributions
  • Tornado diagrams
  • Global matrices
  • Player models
  • Two-way sensitivity analysis
  • ICE scatterplot/report
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Excel Add-in
  • Net benefits reports
  • Markov Cohort StateProb graph
  • Importing TP2009 models
  • Bilink ranges


  • The new release contains a bug related to the Sensitivity Analysis and Microsimulation feature. This has been resolved with R2.2.