Thank you for your interest in the evaluation version of TreeAge Pro.

Your license to use the trial software is solely for purposes of software evaluation. It cannot be used for any course participation, project or research purposes.

The trial version is functionally limited. First, it will stop operating 14 days after installation, which cannot be reversed or extended. In addition, the size of models that can be created with the trial software is restricted. Model building is limited to a maximum of 25 nodes. Models cannot be saved. (The full version of TreeAge Pro imposes no restrictions on model size and saving.)

For any other sales related questions, please contact me by replying to this email or by telephone at +1-413-241-3224. We hope to hear from you.  In the meanwhile, enjoy exploring TreeAge Pro, and don’t forget to check out our full set of tutorials, including the important ‘Get Started’ tutorial.

[DOWNLOAD-LINK] to download the latest version of TreeAge Pro. Earlier versions are not available for trial download.

Should you purchase a TreeAge Pro license, you will not need to reinstall TreeAge Pro. Just open the License Manager and click either Internet Authorization or Manual Authorization, enter your serial number and proceed through the process of authorizing TreeAge Pro.

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