Thank you for your interest in the evaluation version of TreeAge Pro.

IMPORTANT:  You must fully complete steps 1-6 below to be able to build and analyze models.

Installation/Authorization Instructions

  1. Your evaluation or viewer serial number is [LICENSE-KEY].
  2. Download the latest version of TreeAge Pro via [DOWNLOAD-LINK].
  3. Once installed and launched the TreeAge License Manager will open automatically.
  4. Click Internet Authorization within the License Manager and enter the serial number provided above. Use Manual Authorization if Internet Authorization fails.
  5. Register the evaluation license.
  6. When authorization is complete, TreeAge Pro will restart in a licensed state with model building and analysis functions enabled.

If you have any trouble installing or authorizing TreeAge Pro, please contact us at

Helpful tips:

  • Online Tutorials: View a series of videos to help you get started with TreeAge Pro.
  • Capabilities PDF: Need help with convincing management to invest in TreeAge Pro? Download a summary of TreeAge Pro’s capabilities.
  • Contact Sales: Reply to this email or call +1-413-241-3224 with any questions about sales and license options.
  • Full License: Should you purchase a TreeAge Pro license, you will not need to reinstall TreeAge Pro. Just open the License Manager and click Replace License, enter your new serial number and use Internet Authorization or Manual Authorization.
  • Training: Learn the required skills to become an advanced TreeAge user from the most knowledgeable and the only certified TreeAge Instructors in the world.
  • Free Intro Materials: Use our introductory healthcare materials that cover fundamental topics related to health economics and decision-making,
  • Webinars: Join our free live webinars focused on specific TreeAge Pro features.
  • Community Forum: Connect with your TreeAge Pro modeling peers.


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