TreeAge Pro 2013, R1.1 contains bug fixes in the following areas.

  • Change Java heap space settings with Application Preferences.
  • Chart formatting consistent with tree’s Regional Preferences.
  • Numeric formatting of Monte Carlo simulation results.
  • Default location for saving models and reports.
  • Excel check occasionally blocked installation.
  • Export state transition diagrams to images.
  • Distribution parameter approximation with complex entries.
  • Roll back display options.
  • Show Markov state bindings at terminal nodes.
  • Search/replace function.
  • Variable categories.
  • ICER tornado diagram links.
  • Exporting Tornado text report to Excel.

Please go to to see if your license is eligible for this release. You can download the installer and/or renew your license via that link.

If you are already running TreeAge Pro 2013, R1.0, you can update to this release by choosing Help > Update from the menu when running as an administrator.