TreeAge Pro 2013, R1.2 Released

To update your software.

  • If you are already running TreeAge Pro 2013, choose Help > Update from the menu when running TP as an administrator.
  • If you are running an older version of TreeAge Pro, please go to to see if your license is eligible for this release and download an installer.

TreeAge Pro 2013, R1.1 contains bug fixes in the following areas.

  • Applying software updates via Help > Update.
  • Display of cost-effectiveness graph.
  • Roll back display and cost-effectiveness analysis strategy selection.
  • Tornado diagram secondary reports.
  • Display of full Markov cohort output with tunnels collapsed.
  • Tunnel table state binding.
  • Search/replace function.
  • Formula editor for Mac.
  • Printing on non-standard paper size.
  • Displaying variables within categories.
  • Export of inputs/graphs/reports to Excel.