TreeAge Pro 2014, R1 is now available to current license holders. This version introduces Time-To-Event simulation elements into the product.

This release includes the following changes to the software.

  • Time-to-Event simulation: New node types and functions were added to facilitate time-to-event simulation.
  • Monte Carlo output filtering: Filter output data based on user-defined criteria. Change active payoffs without rerunning the analysis. Generate secondary reports based on the filtered data.
  • Performance: Enhanced software to improve viewing and editing performance when working with large models.
  • Clones: View clone copies expanded. When errors occur within the expanded clone copy, highlight the proper node in the clone copy.
  • Analysis keywords: Added/improved analysis keywords. Some keywords allow execution of commands after analyses or before/after specific iterations within simulations. Other keywords accumulate rewards within the analysis to drive model flow or verify/debug models.
  • Monte Carlo output view: Hide specific secondary outputs from Microsimulation output when those outputs are only valid for Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis.
  • Enhanced branch and path probability functions: BranchProb and PathProb functions can now be used within the model rather than only at terminal nodes.
  • Restructured categories in model input views: Improved UI to use less space for categories except when specifically working with categories.

To update your software.

  • This version requires an active Annual License or a Standard License with Maintenance expiring on or after January 1, 2014. Please go to to see if your license is eligible for this release.
  • If you are currently running TreeAge Pro 2013, choose Help > Update from the menu when running TP as an administrator. Note that you may need to perform this process twice to reach the latest software.
  • If you are running TreeAge Pro 2012 or earlier, please go to to download an installer.