TreeAge Pro 2014, R1.1 is now available to current license holders.

This release includes the following changes to the software.

  • Signed Windows and Mac installers to avoid warnings when installing TP.
  • Provide more useful error messages when analysis fails due to a model error.
  • Added reports and output options from the Object Interface.
  • Fixed roll back to correctly show all path probabilities with EVs via tree preferences.
  • Fixed the DistValue function for the Weibull distribution type.
  • Fixed analyses for Multi-Attribute calculation method.
  • Allow notes to be unbound from a node.
  • Fixed printing of models and graphs on Mac platform.
  • Added printing of state diagrams and influence diagrams.
  • Provide error message when a state diagram cannot be converted to a decision tree.
  • Enhanced/fixed editors for state diagrams and influence diagrams – zoom options, straightening arcs, text wrapping.
  • Added preferences dialogs for state diagrams and influence diagrams.
  • Carry reward entries forward when converting between Markov and DES.
  • Fixed custom formatting of terminal node output.

Note on this release.

  • Note that this version contains a bug related to the _post_analysis keyword. If you use this keyword to output global matrix data and want to update to R1.1, please contact Technical Support for assistance.

To update your software.

  • This version requires an active Annual License or a Standard License with Maintenance expiring on or after January 1, 2014. Please go to to see if your license is eligible for this release.
  • If you are currently running TreeAge Pro 2013 or later, choose Help > Update from the menu when running TP as an administrator. Note that you may need to perform this process twice to reach the latest software.
  • If you are running TreeAge Pro 2012 or earlier, please go to to download an installer.