This release is highlighted by a new capability to convert a TreeAge Pro Markov cohort model to an Excel model and the following features and enhancements.

  • Convert Markov Models to Excel
    Convert a TreeAge Pro Markov cohort model to a working stand-alone Excel model with a single mouse click. The Excel model contains editable model inputs for Markov cohort analysis with full transparency. Results from each strategy are then summarized to compare treatment strategies. Click here for more details (including a demo) and to opt-in for access to this new capability. Please note that starting in January of 2018, this capability may be sold as a separate component which extends the functionality of the basic TreeAge Pro Healthcare product.
  • Probability Distributions/Histograms
    Histograms better handle appropriate bars for values over a range. Customize your histograms by setting the minimum and maximum bar edges and either the number of bars or the bar width.
  • NMB vs. WTP Graph
    Run the NMB vs. WTP graph on any cost-effectiveness model to see how the optimal strategy may change as WTP changes. This functions as sensitivity analysis on WTP.
  • TableProb Distribution for Sampling Time-to-Event
    Convert a mortality table to a distribution for sampling background mortality in a DES model.
  • Conditional Distribution Sampling
    Draw time-to-event samples from distributions for a portion of the sampling range. For example, draw a sample from a time-to-death distribution based on a mortality table given that the person is alive at a certain age.
  • Excel Add-in and Bilinks for Mac
    The Excel Add-in and Bilinks have to this point only been available on the Windows platform. With this release, these functions will also be available on the Mac platform. Functions include

    • Editing model inputs in Excel.
    • Pulling values from Excel at runtime via Bilinks.
    • Exporting most TreeAge Pro graphs to Excel.