The TreeAge Pro 2018, R1 release is highlighted by new features to support more complex models including support for population-level modeling with a changing cohort size and interaction among individuals in a patient simulation model.

  • Dynamic Cohort
    Study population dynamics with a modeler-specified cohort size reflecting prevalence and additions to the cohort reflecting incidence using non-coherent probabilities and entry nodes.
    Reporting now supports the full cohort size rather than percentages of the overall cohort.
  • Patient Interaction in Simulation
    Create models with interaction among individual patients.
    Use global trackers to control the environment for all patients.
    Patients can be held at a stop node to pause processing within a cycle to handle resource constraints.
  • Python Scripts
    Python scripts can now read and update patient data in trackers and environment data in global trackers during simulations.
    Syntax errors are reported better to help debug your code.
  • Enhanced Debugging Trace
    Validate your model by generating debugging trace for specific calculations or all calculations.
    Limit debug trace to specific cycles, individuals, etc.
  • Enhanced Microsimulation Reporting
    Use the enhanced simulation reporting at both the patient-level and cohort-level to review patient pathways and overall patient flows in your models.
  • Markov-To-Excel Conversion Extended
    We have extended complimentary access to the Markov-to-Excel option through the end of 2018. Click here for eligibility.