The TreeAge Pro 2018, R2 release is highlighted by improvements to sensitivity analysis tools including tornado diagrams.

  • Tornado Diagram Options
    Cost-effectiveness models now support additional outputs including Incremental Net Monetary Benefits, Incremental Cost and Incremental Effectiveness (INMB, IC and IE) tornado diagrams.
    Models with a single primary payoff now support the additional output Incremental Expected Value (IEV) tornado diagram.
  • Tornado Diagrams for Simulation Models
    Tornado diagrams are now supported for patient simulation models.
  • Sensitivity Analysis Outputs
    Sensitivity analyses, including 2-way and 3-way, now provide more text-based reports showing results for different parameter combinations.
    These reports are more easily exported to Excel for additional processing outside TreeAge Pro.
  • Cohort-Level Patient Flow Reports for DES Models
    Generate cohort-level reports similar to Markov cohort analysis reports for DES models.
    Continuous time-based events are aggregated into Markov-like cycles to provide visibility/transparency for patient flows.
  • Print/Export Model Wizard
    Use the new wizard to print models and generate image files for model structure.
    Hide/show numeric elements in the model.
    Split up large models into separate images.

The 2018 2.0 version is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract, and annual license holders that have a valid license.

Not entitled to this version?  Simply email for an upgrade quote.

To upgrade to 2018 v2.0:

1). visit or simply click HERE
2). enter your serial number and choose the search button
3). Scroll down to the list of installers and choose the one that best compliments your OS
4). Install the 2018 2.0 version, and the software will open in the latest version