TreeAge Pro 2019, R1 Release

The TreeAge Pro 2019, R1 release is highlighted by improvements to the new user experience, making it easier than ever to get started with TreeAge Pro. This version will be available in January, 2019.

  • Get Started with TreeAge Pro:

    • Get Started Layout
      When you start TreeAge Pro for the first time, you will be presented with a simplified layout that highlights the most commonly used modeling tools and analyses. When you’re ready, simply choose another layout to see the full set of features.
    • Launch Pad
      The TreeAge Pro Launch Pad helps direct you to your next task so you can move forward quickly.
    • Assistants
      New model building Assistants are now available to walk new users step by step through the process of building and analyzing cost-effectiveness decision trees and Markov models.
    • Intro Videos
      Short videos show you how navigate the TreeAge Pro interface and perform initial model building tasks.
  • Share Model Results in Excel
    Generate an Excel workbook with a set of results generated from your TreeAge Pro model under different data scenarios. Results from any kind of model can be shared including decision trees, Markov models, patient simulation models and discrete event simulation models.

The 2019, R1 version is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract through January 1 2019, and annual license holders that have a valid license.

Not entitled to this version?  Simply email for an upgrade quote.