Partitioned Survival Analysis – TreeAge Pro 2019, R2

This release is highlighted by the introduction of Partitioned Survival Analysis (PartSA) models.

  • Partitioned Survival Analysis
    Quickly and easily build PartSA models that track state membership based on survival curves derived from parametric distributions or from Kaplan-Meier curves.
    Use PartSA models within the familiar TreeAge Pro modeling framework to take advantage of built-in tools for cost-effectiveness analysis, sensitivity analysis, probabilistic sensitivity analysis, etc.
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  • Convert PartSA Models to Markov Pathways
    Convert a PartSA model to the Markov model structure to add elements beyond the scope of the PartSA modeling technique – more complex transitions, patient simulation, etc.
  • Generate PartSA Survival Curves from Markov Models
    Generate PartSA survival curves to validate that disease progression within a Markov model matches up with your known survival data. Use this to calibrate your model.
  • Correlation of Model Inputs
    Multi-Normal distributions have always handled correlated parameters and patient characteristics.
    Entry of Multi-Normal distributions was fully redesigned for ease and clarity of use.
  • Sensitivity Analysis ICER Graphs
    Sensitivity Analysis ICER Graphs were enhanced to include CE thresholds and to highlight points of discontinuity where the ICER is undefined due to incremental effectiveness of 0.
  • Tornado Diagrams
    Tornado diagrams were enhanced to include the base case parameter value and the order (low to high or vice versa) can be matched to the increasing or decreasing output values.

The 2019 2.0 version is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract, and annual license holders that have a valid license.


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