This release is highlighted by a new Survival Plot and New Web Model Sharing for Microsimululation.

  • Visualize Survival Estimates with the Survival Plot
    Compare different estimates of survival with the Survival Plot View. Compare survival and/or hazard functions from distributions, tables and formulas  to determine which is most accurate and appropriate for your model. No model structure is required, just add survival/hazard series and review the graphs. Export your survival estimate comparison to image or PDF files to share with colleagues.
  • Share Patient Simulation Models over the Web *
    Share patient simulation/microsimulation models over the web. Setup the model for sharing within TreeAge Pro, then upload the model to to share it with colleagues.
  • Share Models with Everyone over the Web *
    Share your models on TPWeb with the world, perhaps in support of a paper publication. The existing sharing option to share with an individual remains the default sharing option.
  • Calculate Hazard/Risk from Distributions
    Calculate instantaneous risk over time from time-to-event distributions. For years, you could calculate survival over time from a distribution using the DistSurv function. The new DistHazard function allows you to use the same distributions to calculate instantaneous risk, which allows you to combine different risks seamlessly within the hazard domain.

TreeAge Pro 2024 R2 is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract and to annual license holders that have a valid license. Some features are not available on all license types and may require an active Support Contract for perpetual license holders.

* Features require active Maintenance.

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