This release is highlighted by a new Web Model Sharing, Add Distribution Wizard and redesigned TP Business Help Documentation.

  • Web-based Model Sharing
    Share your model on the web. You define the web functionality by choosing which inputs can be edited and which analyses can be run. Then share the model with colleagues, so they can review and analyze the model.
  • Setup Input for PSA Wizard
    Select a model input to include in Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis. With just a few mouse clicks, the wizard creates the appropriate distribution and references it in the model.
  • Create Simulation Trend Graphs
    Many modelers liked the dashboard trend graphs showing a range of outputs from Monte Carlo Simulation analysis as is shown in the simulation dashboards. You can now generate those graphs in independent windows with graph and export options.
  • New Help Documentation for TreeAge Pro Business
    TreeAge Pro Business product documentation has been rewritten in a new browser-enabled format. This allows you view help in open multiple tabs of a separate browser window while working with TreeAge Pro.

TreeAge Pro 2024 R1 is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract and to annual license holders that have a valid license. Some features are not available on all license types and may require an active Support Contract for perpetual license holders.

* Features require active Maintenance.

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