The TreeAge Pro 2019, R2.1 Release is now available. This release extends the new functionality introduced with TreeAge Pro 2019, R2.0 (Partitioned Survival Analysis and more).

  • Improved Sensitivity Analysis with Microsimulation
    The re-engineered process introduces the following improvements.
    Analysis speed – your analyses will run more than twice as fast.
    2-way and 3-way – you can now run both these sensitivity analyses with Microsimulation.
    Parameter Ranges – edit directly in Variable Properties dialog.
  • Seeding
    You now have better control of seeding for repeatable results for the entire analysis and for sub-calculations within a larger analysis. For example, you can easily run the same patients through a model during deterministic or probabilistic sensitivity analysis.
  • Backup Model Files
    Your auto-generated model backup files will be stored in a compressed format within a subfolder on your computer.
  • Priority Queue Model
    Examine a new priority queue example model that assigns a limited resource based on a priority score.

The 2019 2.1 version is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract, and annual license holders that have a valid license.