TreeAge Pro 2020, R1 was released January. This release is highlighted by the introduction of a Calibration Tool.

New for TreeAge Pro Healthcare:

  • Calibration
    Calibration allows you to automatically adjust model input values to match results to targets based on observed clinical data. The calibration process then adjusts the input values iteratively until the model generates outputs that best match your targets.
    Click here for more information on calibration. Click here for a quick demo.
  • Partitioned Survival Models – Hazard Functions, Exit Costs, Value Graphs, Enhanced Export to Markov
    Partitioned Survival Models were enhanced to provide you with a more robust and flexible tool. Represent survival via hazard functions as well as survival functions. Create exit costs for any state (e.g., for progression or death costs). Create graphs for the accumulation of cost, QALYs, etc. vs. time. Export your PartSA model to a Markov model with initial transition probability estimates.
  • Markov to Excel Enhancements
    For several years, we have provided the function to export Markov models to working Excel models. This release includes a new and improved format for the exported Excel workbook based on your customer feedback.
  • Model Scenarios/Variable Sets
    You will be able to create multiple data input sets for a single model. This allows you to create a set of inputs for each data scenario under which you want to run the model.
  • Pert Distributions
    We now support Pert Distributions, which provide samples on a continuous curve in any bounded range.
  • Enhanced Probability Normalization
    We have long provided a mechanism to normalize probabilities to ensure they sum to 100%. With this release, normalization is enhanced to allow one probability to use the complement (#). Normalization will only occur if the other probabilities sum to more than 100%.
  • Distribution PDF/CDF Display
    We added PDF and CDF graphs to the Add/Edit Distribution dialog, so you can see how samples will change as you set/adjust parameters. This should make is much easier to match the distribution to the underlying data it represents.
  • Enhanced Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis Report
    The PSA All Data Report that reports values for each model calculation was enhanced to include the Net Monetary Benefits value for each strategy as well as the optimal strategy.

New for TreeAge Pro Business/Legal:

  • Separate TreeAge Pro Business/Legal Product
    We have separated the TreeAge Pro Business/Legal and TreeAge Pro Healthcare products. This allows us to create a new, streamlined interface for TreeAge Pro Business/Legal users that does not include unnecessary functions only used in healthcare models. This should make it far easier to use the product within your industry.
    Click here for a quick demo.

The 2020 1.0 version is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract, and annual license holders that have a valid license.


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