TreeAge Pro 2020, R2 will be released in mid-July. This release is highlighted by significant enhancements for Decision Tree building and analysis.

New for TreeAge Pro Healthcare & TreeAge Pro Business:

  • Decision Tree Value Entry
    Enter values at the appropriate nodes anywhere along your model pathways.
    This provides a better match between events that require values and all downstream scenarios.
  • Track Values Along Decision Tree Pathways
    With new reporting, you can examine every node within a strategy to see how likely it is to reach that node and the values accrued along the pathway. This report provides full transparency into decision tree calculations.
  • Apply a Cohort Size to Calculations
    Multiply all path probabilities and values by a fixed cohort size.
  • Display All Payoffs in Decision Trees
    Display values for all payoffs/model outcomes within the model structure with roll back off or on.
  • See All Payoffs in Sensitivity Analysis
    In 1-way sensitivity analysis, see how all model outcomes change rather than seeing only the primary outcomes.
  • Calibration by Deterministic Ranges
    Calibrate your model by running every combination of input values within your defined ranges. Sort calibration results.

New for TreeAge Pro Healthcare:

  • See Variable Thresholds in ICER Tornado
    Cost-effectiveness thresholds for each input are now optionally displayed in the ICER Tornado diagram.
  • See Preferred Strategy in ICE Scatterplot (PSA)
    Use colored dots within the ICE Scatterplot to see which calculations favor the comparator or baseline strategy.
  • Incremental Net Monetary Benefits Graph (PSA)
    Compare strategies via the INMB histogram with values above 0 favoring the comparator over the baseline.

TreeAge Pro 2020 R2 is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract, and annual license holders that have a valid license.