TreeAge Pro 2020, R2 now available. This release is highlighted by significant enhancements for Decision Tree building, analysis and reporting.

New for TreeAge Pro Healthcare & TreeAge Pro Business:

  • Decision Tree Value Entry
    Enter payoff values at the any nodes along your model pathways.
    You can now place the payoff values where they are naturally accrued and know that the value will be passed on to all downstream scenarios.
  • Track Values Along Decision Tree Pathways
    With new reporting, you can every node in your event pathways with respect to its likelihood of occurring and its value accrued.
    You now have a consolidated view of decision tree calculations, providing greater transparency.
  • Apply a Cohort Size to Calculations
    Multiply all path probabilities and values by a fixed cohort size.
  • Display All Payoffs in Decision Trees
    Display values for all payoffs/model outcomes within the model structure with roll back off or on.
  • See All Payoffs in One-Way Sensitivity Analysis
    See how all model outcomes change within your parameter range.
  • Calibration by Deterministic Ranges
    Calibrate your model by running every combination of input values within your defined ranges. Then sort calibration results.

New for TreeAge Pro Healthcare:

  • See Variable Thresholds in ICER Tornado
    See parameter values for cost-effectiveness thresholds in ICER Tornado diagrams.
  • See Preferred Strategy in ICE Scatterplot (PSA)
    Use colored dots within the ICE Scatterplot to see which calculations favor the comparator or baseline strategy.
  • Incremental Net Monetary Benefits Graph (PSA)
    Examine the INMB histogram to see which calculations favor the comparator vs. the baseline.

TreeAge Pro 2020 R2 is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract, and annual license holders that have a valid license.

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