TreeAge Pro 2021, R1 is now available. This version is compatible with Apple’s Big Sur operating system.

This release is highlighted by a Budget Impact Analysis tool and a Model Output Builder Wizard.

New for TreeAge Pro Healthcare:

  • Budget Impact Analysis Export
    Export TreeAge Pro model cost outputs by time period to Excel. Then create a Budget Impact Analysis workbook using the output cost data.
  • Sensitivity Analysis by Strategy Pair
    Generate sensitivity analysis ICER output to compare a specific pair of strategies.
  • Apply a Hazard Ratio to a Probability
    Use the new function to adjust probabilities based on hazard ratios.

New for TreeAge Pro Healthcare & TreeAge Pro Business:

  • Model Output Builder Wizard
    Create new model outputs based on existing outputs (copy/paste/edit). Use the wizard to split total costs into component costs for different purposes, possibly for budget impact analysis.
    Create new model outputs for based on time-in-state (e.g., 5-year survival). This could be useful for model calibration.
  • Run TreeAge Pro Analyses from Excel
    Execute TreeAge Pro Analyses directly from an Excel front-end for your model.
    Perfect for sharing with clients who can run the model, without working in TreeAge.
  • New Graphs
    New modern graph technology includes sharper graphics and more customization options.
    New graphs will be rolled out across the software in coming releases.
  • Formula Editor Enhancements
    Automatically apply formatting for nested functions for easier editing of complex formulas.
  • Model Comments Log
    Log model changes and other comments to facilitate collaboration.
  • Model Comparison Tool
    Compare two models to review differences.
  • Stored Analysis Format
    Stored analyses are now recorded and stored in a human-friendly format making it easier to understand and edit the analysis specifications.

TreeAge Pro 2021 R1 is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract, and annual license holders that have a valid license. Some features are not available on all license types and may require an active Support Contract for perpetual license holders.