TreeAge Pro 2021, R2 was released on July 14.

This release is highlighted by a Price Threshold Analysis tool.

New for TreeAge Pro Healthcare:

  • Price Threshold Analysis
    Identify the maximum price where the associated treatment would be considered cost-effective. Find price thresholds for multiple WTP values and multiple model scenarios.
  • Cost-Effectivness Analysis Enhancements
    – Redesigned CE Rankings report to better handle dominance and suppress unnecessary data.
    – Run a pairwise cost-effectiveness analysis using the four quadrants for incremental cost and incremental effectiveness to indicate dominance.
  • Copy/Paste PartSA Rewards
    Copy and paste PartSA Discrete Time and Interval Rewards from one node to another or to Excel and back.
  • Copy/Paste State Bindings
    Copy and paste State Bindings from one node to another or to Excel and back.

New for TreeAge Pro Healthcare & TreeAge Pro Business:

  • Additional New Graphs
    – More graphs have been rebuilt using more modern graph technology that includes sharper graphics and more customization options.
    – Added more graph controls for formatting axes, changing colors and adding lines & text boxes.
  • Copy/Paste Calibration Inputs/Targets
    Copy and paste Calibration Inputs & Targets to Excel and back.
  • Search for Example Models
    Easily find a specific example model by name.

TreeAge Pro 2021 R2 is available to perpetual license holders that have a valid support contract, and annual license holders that have a valid license. Some features are not available on all license types and may require an active Support Contract for perpetual license holders.