TreeAge Pro 2014, R2 is now available to current license holders.

This release includes the following changes to the software.

  1. Sensitivity analysis now supports adjustments up and down relative to the parameter base value.
  2. Cost-effectiveness sensitivity analysis output now includes net monetary benefit for each strategy. This allows you to more easily identify thresholds in the main output.
  3. New functions support continuous time discounting within discrete event simulation (DES) models.
  4. The Add/Edit Distribution dialog now provides access to the Help files for access to distribution formulas, which may be helpful when entering distribution parameters.
  5. Filtered simulation output now shows the count of filtered rows relative to the entire dataset.
  6. New global matrix functions differentiate between data storage, retrieval, increment, initialize and export. The separate functions allow better Help for proper function syntax.
  7. Models now support custom functions for specific commands/formulas. Pass different arguments to the functions to use the custom function in different contexts.
  8. New back/forward toolbar buttons allow you to move among the open tabs for models and analysis output.
  9. Perspectives/layouts were updated to better group related views in the same pane within the application window. To use the updated layouts, you must create a new workspace.
  10. The bottom of the application window now displays node counts, both for the whole model and for the selected node and its subtree.
  11. A new tree preference option allows you to show Markov and DES rewards for all enabled reward sets rather than just the reward sets selected for the calculation method.
  12. New model validation rule checks for consistent use of half-cycle correction.
  13. New keyword _node_id provides access to the identifier for the current node. This data can be stored in global matrices for patient tracking.


This release also includes a few bug fixes.

  • New simulation results no longer appear to be filtered based on a filter that was applied to a prior dataset.
  • Graphs now properly use regional settings set within the model rather than the regional settings from the computer.
  • Markov Cohort Analysis run on a node within a clone copy now always uses the proper variable definitions set for that clone copy.
  • Fixed Rayleigh distribution sampling issue.


To update your software.

  • This version requires an active Annual License or a Standard License with Maintenance expiring on or after July1, 2014.
  • Please go to to see if your license is eligible for this release.
  • If you have TreeAge Pro 2013 or later, you can update your software via Help > Update.
  • If you have an older version of TreeAge Pro, please reinstall. The installers are available at