TreeAge Pro 2018, R2 Release - Coming in July

The TreeAge Pro 2018, R2 release is highlighted by improvements to sensitivity analysis tools including tornado diagrams.

  • Tornado Diagram Options
    Cost-effectiveness models now support additional outputs including Incremental Net Monetary Benefits , Incremental Cost and Incremental Effectiveness (INMB, IC and IE) tornado diagrams.
    Models with a single primary payoff now support the additional output Incremental Expected Value (IEV) tornado diagram.
  • Tornado Diagrams for Simulation Models
    Tornado diagrams are now supported for patient simulation models.
  • Sensitivity Analysis Outputs
    Sensitivity analyses, including 2-way and 3-way, now provide more text-based reports showing results for different parameter combinations.
    These reports are more easily exported to Excel for additional processing outside TreeAge Pro.
  • Cohort-Level Patient Flow Reports for DES Models
    Generate cohort-level reports similar to Markov cohort analysis reports for DES models.
    Continuous time-based events are aggregated into Markov-like cycles to provide visibility/transparency for patient flows.
  • Print/Export Model Wizard
    Use the new wizard to print models and generate image files for model structure.
    Hide/show numeric elements in the model.
    Split up large models into separate images.