TreeAge Pro 2018, R2

TreeAge Pro 2018, Release 2.1 created 2018-08-28.
Requires license active through July 1, 2018.

If you currently have an older version of TreeAge Pro, please reinstall directly over your current installation to update your software.

Windows 64-bit


Size about 360 MB. Includes Java.

Windows 32-bit


Size about 352 MB. Includes Java.

Mac 64-bit


Size about 284 MB. Includes Java.

Note that we now provide a native Mac installation file (DMG). Double-click on the installation file, then drag the TreeAge Pro package into the Application folder. Always then Run TreeAge Pro from the Applications folder. Older installations before TreeAge Pro 2018.1.2 were installed in subfolders within the Applications folder. Those folders can be moved to trash after the new package file is installed in the Applications folder.

Mac security settings may require you to allow TreeAge Pro to be installed outside of the App store. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and look for a message to allow TreeAge Pro to be installed. If you have any trouble, email for assistance.

Linux 64-bit


Size about 221 MB. Separate 64-bit Java 8 installation required.
No support available. Linux operating systems are not standardized or consistent.

TreeAge Pro 2018, R2 PDF Manual


Help files in PDF format.

Right-click on link to download and save to your computer.