Tokyo, Japan - Healthcare Modeling (2020)

2020/04/23 - 2020/04/25 | Tokyo, Japan

The course will be presented in Japanese, only. The course will be presented on April 23-25, 2020 at the following location.

TKP Tokyo-Eki Central Conference Center
Room 11D
Shin-Shincho Bulding Floor 11
Tokyo-to Chuo-ku Yaesu 1-8-16
Tokyo 〒103-0028

The course will run from 9:15 to about 16:45 on the first two days and from 9:15 to 11:45 on the third.

The 2.5-day Healthcare Modeling Course provides hands-on instruction on modeling and model analysis. It starts with basic model building. No advanced knowledge of TreeAge Pro is required, but attendees should understand the basic concepts of healthcare modeling and cost-effectiveness analysis.

As the course progresses, more and more complex modeling and analysis techniques are introduced, with the final model being a Markov model which supports both individual-level simulation and probabilistic sensitivity analysis.

Course Agenda in Japanese and English

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